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Just-Right Apps for Your Small Business

Ever tried on a 'one size fits all' that just doesn't fit right? Ready-made internet tools can be a headache, too. We design easy-to-use web apps, tailor-made for businesses like yours. Take a peek at what we've done for others like you.

Web Application Development for Government Meeting Streaming Website

AGP Video, Inc. knows how to keep government meeting documentation in check with their 25 years of experience. They have a hand in everything from recording live streams to producing videos for a variety of sectors.

We rolled up our sleeves and built a custom Content Management System (CMS) for them. This new tool streamlined their whole process, from planning to post-production. It's become the powerhouse behind their Cal-Span and Slo-Span websites.

One of the trickiest parts? Moving over 20 years of content into this new system without skipping a beat. Thankfully, we nailed it!

We set up a one-stop spot that all AGP teams can easily use. This platform takes care of everything from tweaking data, creating reports, to handling meeting videos that run for hours.

And it doesn't stop there. The new system comes with an easy-to-use search function that can look up any meeting agenda from over the last 20 years. Plus, it's got a smart live captioning tool for real-time, accurate transcriptions. All these make running the business smoother and more efficient.

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Web Application Development for Residential Wildland Fire Risk Consultations

Meet our solution designed for Spaceman to keep residential wildland fire risk inspections well-organized. This user-friendly app, adopted by teams like the Atascadero Fire Department, has proven its worth by managing more inspections than they could before.

It functions perfectly on a desktop and also as a mobile app that works offline. This app makes it easy to schedule, execute inspections, and generate neat, professional reports - all of which are big time-savers.

In addition, we've added a feature that puts all the contact and property info within easy reach. Add to that smart analytics that keep you aware of how operations are going. It's not just an app, it's a smart business tool.

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Web Application Development for Service Based Businesses

Ever heard of Dutch Window Cleaning Artist (DWCA)? They're a top-notch window cleaning business that wanted to make their day-to-day operations easier. So we rolled up our sleeves and built them a custom web app.

Our app makes scheduling and managing jobs a breeze. But it doesn't stop there - it can also crank out business paperwork like estimates, work orders, and invoices. This means no more sweat and tears with Excel and more time for what matters.

DWCA now sends out slick, consistent documents to all their customers, making them look extra professional. And fewer mistakes mean happier customers. If you're in the service industry like DWCA, our app might be just the thing to keep your business running smoothly.

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Custom Web Application for Weekly/Monthly Organic Grocery Delivery Service

Beslenio (OTGA), a unique small business, needed a solution for a problem created by the COVID pandemic. Their goal? An easy online grocery ordering and delivery system.

So, we made them a special web app. It can do everything they need like make orders, send invoices, and prepare packing lists. It also can show them how their business is doing with easy to understand stats.

Even with Beslenio's many suppliers and delivery methods, this new app makes things simple. Customers can manage their orders, deliveries, and invoices easily. Beslenio can keep everything coordinated, running their business smoothly and efficiently.

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